House Tour: Basement

03 September

There's nothing like having company to really force you to clean your house from top to bottom.  
The basement (aka the playroom) was in a pretty desperate state.  
But thanks to naps and school (and some special company heading our way to give me added incentive), I was able to put things back in their proper places and actually see the floors so I could vacuum them.  And since this area of our home was actually clean for once, I decided to take some pictures. 

A few things about this picture: 
1.-That door is a huge storage space.  Decor, extra paper products, kids hand-me-down clothes, suitcases, etc, is all contained in that room. Right now, however, it's a huge dumping ground. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Good cold weather project.
2.-Those mats/blocks in the corner were worth every penny.  Our kids have made countless forts, concert stages, obstacle courses, restaurants, ball pits, and a million other creative things with them.  
3.-That plaid chair used to be my great grandmother's.  I plan to redo it one day...but I love all the memories associated with it. 
4.-The basement stairs are in the middle of the room, so we decided to have tile floors circle around the stairs.  The kids ride scooters, bikes, their motorized gator, roller skates, and any other moving object around the circle. 
This lego table is another favorite playroom item.  And yes, while it does look like a big chaotic mess of colored bricks, they are all contained to this space and the kids spend HOURS playing here building towns.  
I thought of turning that pole into a pretty column, but Max loves to climb up we decided to just leave it for now. 😉 
 This beautiful swing is from adelisa & co. and we love it. Our winters are so long, so any kind of outdoor activity that we can bring indoors is always welcome. 
These doors lead out to the foyer/guest bedroom/bathroom.  
This basement is definitely a well-loved space in our home.  The kids love playing down here, guests enjoy staying down here, and our teen bible study group likes a good game of hide and go seek in the dark down here.  
I love all of the memories that we're creating in this space, even if it looks like we're losing at a game of Jumanji most of the time. 

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  1. What an amazing play space for your very blessed kiddos!!! So fun & So organized!!