What's Up Wednesday

28 August

What's Up Wednesday Graphic
I'm sure if my house could talk it would be all like, "FINALLY, someone is giving me a BATH and showing me some LOVE!" 

Here's what's going on around here...

What we're eating this week: 

M-Chicken Nuggets (it was the first day of school, Ben was away, so 
                   we kept things nice and simple😉) 
W-Grilled chicken 
Th-Pork chops 

What I'm reminiscing about: 
All of those carefree, warm, lazy summer days.  

What I'm loving: 
I'm still loving this little house's transformation. I can't wait to add some fall decor to it in a few weeks.   

What we've been up to:

Getting back into the school schedule.  Early bedtimes, early mornings, packing lunches, unpacking lunches, checking folders...all that good stuff.  

What I'm working on:
Our house was seriously neglected during summer vacation as we were too busy enjoying summer.  With the kids back in school and the cooler weather, I'm finally starting to clean three months worth of dust, smudges, splatters and clutter.  And it feels so good.   

What I'm excited about: 

We're taking Claire and Max on a surprise trip in less than two weeks and I CAN NOT WAIT.  I feel a little sad not to be taking Grace and Tessa with us, but I'm really looking forward to just spending time with the big kids for a few days.  

What I'm watching/reading: 
We finally watched Endgame (I couldn't have sat in a movie theater for three hours without needing a bathroom break).  Our thoughts: Ben wasn't a huge fan of the time travel aspect, and I cried when Tony Stark died.  Other than that, we loved it. 

What I'm wearing: 
Our weather has been cooler the past few days, so I've had to swap out my shorts for jeans.  Thankfully I still absolutely love this pair. I do not, however, love that the weather is feeling like fall.  Thanks for leaving us high and dry, summer.😩
I've been pairing those jeans with a tank 
(This one is a favorite...it's not on sale now, but I'm sure it will be soon and I recommend you grab it.  It's so comfortable.)
and then a cardigan for the morning.  
(I bought this cardigan a couple years ago and I still LOVE it, especially in this kind of weather.  In fact, I caught it on a drawer handle one day last year and ripped a hole in it but decided I don't care, I'm still wearing it. Holes are stylish in jeans, so why not cardigans? I'm starting a new trend.) 

What I'm doing this weekend:
Our church is hosting a missionary conference this weekend, where we'll hear about men and women spreading the good news of the gospel in different parts of the world.  It's always a very encouraging and enjoyable weekend, and we're looking forward to it!  We also have a big get together at our house on Labor Day.  

What I'm looking forward to next month: 

As much as I don't want cooler weather, or for Ben to be really busy during harvest time...I do love decorating for fall.  And doing all the fall things.  And being basic with a pumpkin spice latte.  

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